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Underground Venue Hire - General Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions govern the hire and use of Underground (hereinafter referred to as “the Premises”) by third parties (hereinafter referred to as Hirer/s”) for jamming/rehearsal, performances, live streaming or photography services (hereinafter referred to as “Function/s”)



  1. The term “Management” means the person(s) in charge of the Premises for the time being and shall include such person(s) as may from time to time be designated by the Management to facilitate or assist in giving effect to these terms and conditions.

  2. ‘Function’ means the purpose or use for which Underground or its facilities are rented for an approved period of time.

  3. ‘Facilities’ means the various premises and equipment within Underground that are rented for a fee charged.

  4. ‘Period of Hire’ means the time from bump in to bump-out.

  5. ‘Hirer’ means the person(s), company or group renting Underground or its facilities for an approved period of time.



  1. Applicants for hire of Facilities are advised to book through or make an enquiry about availability by email (

  2. Applicants are required to provide details of the Function’s content.

  3. Payment must be made by card through to confirm the booking.

  4. For jamming/rehearsals full payment is required at the time of booking.

  5. For performances, live streaming or photography services the Management may require a non-refundable security deposit of 50% to confirm the booking. Any outstanding payments must be received 2 weeks before the function date, failing which the Management shall not be bound to reserve the dates of the provisional booking and the security deposit will be forfeited. 

  6. Where the Management deems appropriate, a further deposit (security deposit) may be payable to cover possible losses or damage to the premises by virtue of the intended Function.


  Cancellation or amendments

  1. The Management may in their absolute discretion grant or refuse any application for the use of the Facilities without giving any reason.

  2. The Management reserves the rights to cancel, terminate, advance or defer any booking at their absolute discretion at any time by notice to the hirer. In this respect, the decision of the Management shall be final.

  3. In any of the above cases, the Management shall not be liable to the Hirer for any loss or damage sustained out of such action. Upon cancellation or termination of bookings by Underground, any money paid shall be refunded.

  4. The Management may allow bookings to be advanced or deferred subject to the availability of the Facilities. The Management will not be liable for any loss or damage in respect of such action.

  5. Bookings are made strictly between the Management and the Hirer and are not transferable by the Hirer to any other party.

  6. No refund of the deposit or fees paid for the facilities shall be entertained should the Hirer vacate the premises before the expiry date and time for the use of the facilities.

  7. For performances, live streaming or photography services ;

    1. A non-refundable security deposit of 50% may be required to confirm the booking. 

    2. No refunds/cancellations of the remaining amount will be entertained within 2 weeks from the date of the booking.

  8. For jamming/rehearsals;

    1. Payment is required in full at the time of booking and is non-refundable.

    2. Bookings can be rescheduled up to 24hr before the period of hire by contacting the Management or via phone.



  1. The charges for the hire and use of the Premises shall be in accordance with the tariff or rates approved by the Management and subject to change at any time without notice

  2. Student rates shall apply to any Hirer that carries a valid student card. The student must present their student card to the Management on arrival.


Additional charges

  1. Technicians requested by the Hirer over and above the inclusions in the initial Hire Agreement shall be charged to the Hirer at a rate of $35 per hour per technician. Technicians’ lunch breaks are included in the hired hours.

  2. Technician’s lunch break is from 1:00pm to 2:00pm and dinner break is from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

  3. Break/meal times given to the technicians are at Underground Manager’s discretion.


Contents of the Function (performance, live streaming or photography services)


  1. The Hirer shall take all necessary steps to ensure that:

    1. All necessary licenses and approvals for the performance, live streaming or photography services have been obtained, a soft/hard copy of the license/approval must be given to the Management prior to the commencement of the Function;

    2. All applicable payments, including license fees or royalty payments in relation to the intended activity have been duly made;

    3. The performance, live streaming or photography services will not in any way infringe the rights including intellectual property rights of any third party;

    4. The Function will not;

      1. Erode the core moral values of society including but not limited to the promotion of permissive lifestyles and depictions of obscenity or graphic sexual conduct;

      2. Denigrate or debase any person, group or class of individuals on the basis of race or religion, or serve to create conflict or misunderstanding in Singapore’s multicultural and multi-religious society

      3. Disparage or demean government bodies, public institutions or national leaders and/or subvert national security or stability;

      4. Be offensive or obscene in nature or derogatory or defamatory to any third party or bring any dispute to or prejudice Underground in any way whatsoever.

    5. Any remedial action required by Underground in response to requests from statutory authorities (eg: NAC, MICA) must be taken immediately and with no legal or financial liability being attributed to Underground;

    6. The Hirer shall indemnify the Management against all claims, demands, actions and proceedings arising out of any infringement of copyright on the unauthorised playing, performing or use of any record, tape, apparatus or contrivance occurring during the period of hire of the premises.

    7. The Function does not contravene the laws of the Republic of Singapore


Admission tickets

  1. The Management reserves the right to have up to four (4) complimentary tickets in the event of a performance for official use. These tickets must be delivered to  Underground at least one week prior to commencement of hire.

  2. All tickets and advertising or promotional material that refer to the venue must describe the same as ‘Underground Singapore’.

  3. The Hirer must include the following narration in printing the admission tickets: 

    1. No smoking allowed.

  4. The Hirer shall be responsible for the sale of admission tickets for the intended performance or event (Function) and if so desired, may engage a ticketing agent to provide this service.



  1. The Hirer shall be responsible for public relations, marketing and information for the Function and agrees to seek the permission of the Management in advance regarding all publicity and marketing activities to be held at Underground.

  2. Underground shall be acknowledged in the Function program. Any acknowledgement must first be approved by the Management

  3. The Hirer shall provide to the Management posters and handbills, if available, to display at Underground. Only the Management is authorised to affix or display promotional material at Underground. Any unauthorised promotional material will be promptly removed.

  4. The Hirer must inform the Management of any changes to information and schedule provided on the booking form and publicity information. The Management has the right to refuse such changes.


Conditions and restrictions in the Facilities

  1. Underground shall be entitled to use the Facilities (any or part thereof) for other performances or events during any time slots that are not booked by the Hirer. For this purpose, Underground shall be entitled to temporarily remove any props, equipment or materials. The Hirer shall render all reasonable assistance to Underground to facilitate such removal or reinstatement.

  2. The Hirer will complete a Technical Rider in consultation with the Technical Manager as soon as practical following the confirmation of booking

  3. The Hirer will not make any alterations or additions to the structure, facilities, goods, equipment or fittings at Underground.

  4. No glue, pins, screws, nails, scotch-tape, stickers or any such fitting and fasteners likely to deface any part of the premises shall be used, unless otherwise approved by the Management in writing.

  5. The Hirer shall neither display banners, posters, advertisements or decoration materials nor sell goods of any kind in or outside Underground without the prior approval of the Management.

  6. The Hirer must remove the above after the last function, and shall amend and make good in a proper and workmanlike manner any damage or defect, the costs of which are to be borne by the Hirer.

  7. The Hirer will replace, repair, reinstate or pay the cost of replacing, repairing or reinstatement of any loss or damage suffered by Underground to its facilities or equipment caused by the Hirer’s agents, guests or visitors, employees or contractors in connection with the use of Underground or its facilities.

  8. The Hirer will indemnify Underground against any loss, damage or injury suffered by any member of Underground caused by the Hirer, Hirer’s agents, guests or visitors, employees or contractors in connection with the use of Underground or its facilities.

  9. The Management will not be responsible for nor will it be required to pay the cost of any loss, damage or injury caused to the Hirer, the Hirer’s agents, guests or visitors, employees and contractors or it their goods or equipment during the use of Underground or its facilities, for any reason whatsoever.

  10. The Hirer shall be entirely responsible for the proper and safe setting of all his sets and props and for the proper working of all his own electrical, mechanical and other appliances. The Management shall not be held responsible for any expenses, claims or demands made in the event of any accident occurring to any person engaged in connection with such work.

  11. The Hirer shall be entirely responsible for the use of its equipment and properties and such like articles and shall be liable for all claims for damages and injuries suffered by persons in connection with its use.

  12. The storage of properties on the premises will be at the risk of the Hirer and the Management will not be held responsible for any damage or loss by any causes whatsoever.

  13. The Hirer will, at the end of the use of Underground or its facilities, leave Underground, its facilities, goods, services and equipment in a clean, safe and proper condition to the satisfaction of the Management. The Hirer shall be liable for any damage or loss arising from negligence on the part of the Hirer.

  14. No persons other than the authorised staff of Underground shall be permitted to remain in the premises after the closing hours.

  15. The Hirer shall vacate the premises on or before the end of the period of hire. Provided that the facilities are available, the Hirer may request for an extension of hire after the expired time of use of the facilities, subject to payment of additional charges.

  16. The Hirer agrees, unless otherwise approved by the Management in writing, that all items belonging to the Hirer shall be removed immediately after the function, failing which the Management reserves the right to dispose or to destroy such properties as they may think fit. No Claim whatsoever shall be made against the Management on account of such sale, disposal or destruction.

  17. All rubbish must be bagged and tied securely and thrown into the dump bins at Underground's bin centre. Odd and oversized materials are to be removed by the Hirer and not placed at Underground’s bin centre. The Management will levy a daily charge on improperly disposed rubbish.



  1. The Hirer is solely responsible for crowd control. Gig organisers must ensure that the crowd do not loiter near our neighbours’ premises. Any security deposit will be forfeited if Underground receives any complaints in relation to crowd behaviour during the Function.

  2. The Hirer agrees to provide enough security personnel to manage any crowds;



  1. Security personnel must be in the ratio of 1-security personnel for every 30 people.

  2. The contact number and name of the person in charge of the security personnel must be given to Underground Management.

  3. The Hirer is required to adhere to all safety rules and regulations of Underground, both written and at the direction of Underground’s duty staff.

  4. The Hirer must consult with Underground Management on any matters pertaining to fire, water, smoke etc being conducted in relation to the Function.

  5. The Hirer is strictly prohibited to bring in to Underground any explosive or inflammable substances without prior written approval of the Management.

  6. Pyrotechnics flash powder, explosives, fire, lasers, or any dangerous devices, as well as scenery, and lighting equipment, which are brought into Underground must comply with all Fire Safety Bureau (FSB) regulations.

    1. Prior written approval of the Management for admission of the above- mentioned items must be obtained.

    2. No smoking or striking of matches or lighting of gas lighters will be allowed in any part of the premises except when they are necessary for the business of the Function, and with prior written approval of the Management, in which case sufficient suitable receptacles shall be provided by the Hirer for the purpose of depositing matches, cigarette ends and pipe refuse.

    3. Subject to the above exception, no naked fire shall be allowed on the premises.

  7. There shall be strictly no smoking anywhere on Underground premises at any time

  8. Intoxicating or other liquors shall not be consumed anywhere on Underground premises unless prior permission is granted by the Management.

  9. Cooking is not allowed in any part of the premises except for designated areas where permission is granted.

  10. All passageways and means of exit shall be kept clear and no equipment, furniture, props or bulky items shall be placed at these places at any time

  11. The maximum capacity for Underground venues are as stated below:

    1. Ground floor - 80

    2. Recording studio – 8

    3. Mezzanine/green room – 8

  12. Underground reserves the right to impose a penalty (the amount and the application of which shall be at the total discretion of the Management) should the Hirer’s Function exceed this capacity.

  13. Underground accepts no responsibility for providing adequate services, safety or security to the Hirer should the Hirer’s Function exceed this capacity

  14. Exit lights shall not be covered or obstructed from view by the Hirer's sets, props or any other belongings.

  15. In the event of an emergency or any other situation where the health and safety of the public is a concern, the Hirer and all the Hirer's staff, contractors, volunteers or any other persons brought onto the premises by the Hirer must obey the instructions of the Management's duty staff.

  16. No livestock of any description shall be admitted to the premises, unless specially approved by the Management. Such livestock shall be removed from the premises immediately after the conclusion of the Function.

  17. The movement of all materials, goods, equipment, furniture and such like articles should be properly handled and shall not be dragged. Where heavy loads are applicable, the use of trolleys with rubber castors is recommended. The Hirer shall be liable for any damage to Underground and its facilities caused by the Hirer, the Hirer’s agents, employees or contractors.

  18. The handling of stage lighting, sound equipment and any other related equipment belonging to Underground will be in the presence of Underground staff and will be used with proper care. The Hirer shall be liable for any damage arising from negligence.

  19. No electrical equipment or fittings of any kind shall be attached to or used in conjunction with the existing electrical switchgears or fittings without the written permission of the Management. If such electrical equipment or fittings are deemed necessary, the Hirer shall comply with the relevant authorities’ requirements and install them at his own expense.

  20. Over-amplification of sound by electronic devices that will cause annoyance to users of the premises or neighbours is strictly prohibited.

  21. If at any times, in the opinion of the Management:

    1. there is serious likelihood that damage may be caused to Underground and/or its facilities or

    2. the manner in which any Function or use is being conducted, or is proposed to be conducted, is or is likely to be of an illegal nature,

The Management may terminate the agreement by giving the Hirer notice in writing but without prejudice to any right or remedy of Underground for any breach by the Hirer of this agreement.


Additional requirements & information

  1.  The Management reserves the right to refuse admission into the premises to any person(s) likely to cause disturbance, embarrassment or annoyance to others.

  2. The Hirer shall observe the advertised time of commencement of each Function. The members of any company whether professional or amateur and the staff generally shall adhere to these Regulations and comply with the directions of the Management.

  3. No Hirer shall have control over any staff of Underground. Any disagreement with any member of the staff or misbehaviour on the part of the staff is to be reported to the Management.

  4. The giving of gratuities to staff of Underground is strictly prohibited.

  5. If the Hirer should default in any manner under this agreement, Underground’s incurred expenses shall be payable by the Hirer on demand.

  6. The Hirer shall adhere to the above terms and conditions as stipulated, and comply with the directions of the Management.

  7. The Management reserves the right to add, amend, waive, cancel and/or suspend any of the terms and conditions without prior notice.

  8. Underground cannot guarantee the provision of any equipment unless mutually agreed during the production meetings with Underground’s technical personnel.

  9. No showering in Underground’s toilet facilities, except on the request of the hirer with the written permission of the Management.

  10. Underground’s venues are not soundproofed. As such, from time to time, sound from other venue users may be heard through walls and doors. Whilst Underground endeavours to minimise booking clashes with this in mind, Underground accepts no responsibility for any effect this may have on the Hirer or the Hirer’s guests.


Contact Details


Phone/WhatsApp: +65 93373244



Address: 90 Lorong 23 Geylang, Agrow Building #06-03, Singapore 388393

UEN: 53417535W 

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